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Photo Gifts by SS BBB Business Review


We have been helping people get memorable Photography Products since 2006. We only work in high definition and we are custom. That means that we specialize in using your picture(s) / your art work and work only with you to create a one of a kind unique special product. That includes custom Rhinestones using your pictures. We have well over 500 products, so we also offer lots of options. We also will always help you choose, just call or email us.

Quality always

We dye all materials making the photographic presentation as realistic as possible and as long lasting as possible. We engrave at 1000 DPI or one million dots in a square inch (your monitor only has 72 dpi, BTW). We always use high definition in making products. Some phone pictures do preclude high definition but we enhance them as much as possible.

We want you as a life time customer!

We use the care and techniques to make your product(s) to elitcit a Wow! Whether it is 1 or thousands or in between, we do not cut corners.

Anybody can try to do what we do. No one matches our quality commitment. We provide products based on quality and affordability. We want you to know that your investment was well made and that we and yourself will be proud of your product(s).

We Offer over 500 Products - more soon:

This means that you can express yourself as you want and if you don't see it, we will do our level best to get it for you (and then add it to the list)!


By nature all of us are curious. We strive to go forward - always in action and deeds. This is an evolving web site and will most likely not be like it was the last time you visited. Comments are always welcome.

See the About Us for all contact information.